American Suburb X

March 29, 2010

I just recently discovered the American Suburb X webpage and I would like to share it to those who haven’t seen it yet! As they say on their website:

Photo: Doug Rickard

“AMERICAN SUBURB X is an ever-growing archive and fiercely edited look at photography’s global past, present and ever-unfolding future. Our mission is to provide, educate and titillate those who are obsessed with photography and all of its beautiful moving parts.”

Take a look at their interview section here. A lot of interesting reading ahead of you!

They are even on Facebook!



Portfolio submission at VII Photo Agency

March 29, 2010

Photo Agency


Membership will be offered only to photographers working with the highest standards of journalistic and documentary integrity, who will laterally extend the breadth of work we currently produce and who we believe we can work within the management structure of VII.

As VII is solely owned by its members, membership comes with shareholder responsibility. New members will spend at least one year with VII before full membership is offered. All members are obliged to purchase shares, attend shareholders meetings and contribute dynamically and responsibly to the business of the agency.


The VII Network expands the ideals and journalistic mission of VII Photo to include important photographic work by selected non-members. VII Network photographers are represented for distribution of existing work only, and remain solely responsible for managing all other aspects of their professional practice. Successful applicants are required to credit VII Network in their byline and by doing so they are equal partners in upholding the standards of the agency: quality journalism, ethical integrity and visual excellence are assumed. VII members encourage diverse styles and photographers working with varied visual approaches are welcome to apply.


From time to time individual members may choose to adopt a young photographer to coach as they launch their careers in the professional world. These appointments are personal to the VII member photographers and are not mediated by VII Photo Agency. The application process for the VII Mentor Program is the same as Membership and the Network.

PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION RULES: VII Membership, VII Network and VII Mentorship

Submission deadline: May 7, 2010

Your submission will require the following items:

Documents Requirements

All texts must be written in English submitted as a Word.doc included on your CD submission or on a printed hard copy.

1 – in English: A brief explanation of your desire to join VII or the VII Network or the VII Mentorship

2 – in English: A short biography with your email address

3 – in English: An explanation of the content of the images you are submitting


Image Requirements

1 – No more than 50 images

2 – 72 dpi, longest axis no greater than 1440 pixels, JPEG compression of 8, Mac-compatible CD only

3 – Label each image as follows: Your initials than the sequence number

ex. JS-001, JS-002, through JS-050

4 – Place all images in a folder titled as your name

We regret that we will not consider applications that are not compliant with these criteria.

No folio submissions will be returned.

The address for submissions is:

John Stanmeyer


VII Photo

28 Jay Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201


Stylized photojournalism – estetich vs etichs

March 28, 2010

Interesting discussion at PDN, about the ethical dilemmas on image effects (tilt/shift, filters, presets). Good to see that someone takes the initiative to start a discussion like this.

67th Picture of the year international (POYI)

March 28, 2010

Picture of the year international has released its winning list of their 67th annual program. The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles will host an extended exhibition of POYi award-winning documentary photography beginning June 26, 2010.

Actors dressed as Maoist revolutionaries take part in a battle re-enactment called the Defence of Yan'an on 8 November 2009 in Yan'an, China . The battle is staged daily for tourists who can pay extra to dress up and take part in the mock fighting between the communist People's Liberation Army and the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) Army. Yan'an is promoted as the "Revolutionary Holy Land" and offers a number of museums, monuments and other "Red Tourism" sites supported by the Chinese government.

Tomas van Houtryve won the first place as “Photographer of the year – Freelance/Agency”. I have linked to his work in North-Korea previoulsy on this blog, and the prize is in my opinion well deserved and a recognition that he truly deserves. Congratultaions to all the winners, and lets hope that their determination and hard work will inspire their colleagues!

Bu sure to follow Tomas´s work at his blog and webpage!

Sydney now! well… a couple of years ago..

March 28, 2010

Video on photojournalism in Australia. A couple of years ago now, but still relevant for those who would like to know more about working as a photojournalist.

Lectures/Talks from University of Haifa

March 28, 2010

I stumbled across this youtube-channel, and found some videos that I believe you will find interesting.

Magnum Books

March 28, 2010

Abbas at Visa pour l’image

February 1, 2010

Abbas presents his latest book at Visa pour l’image in 2009.

21 Days to Baghdad

July 23, 2009

Take a look at this video (the first 20 minutes) from the release of the book ,“21 Days to Baghdad” with James Nachtwey, Robert Nickelsberg, Yuri Kozyrev and  Kate Brooks.

Elliot Erwitt

July 22, 2009

Erwitt is one of my personal favourites, not only for his photographs but also for his attitude towards photography. If Cartier Bresson is the master of the decisive moment, then Erwitt is the master of the undecisive moment; quirky, absurd, ironic and full of humor.

Quote: “It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.” (taken from the Magnum Photo Website)

Here are some images from the Magnum site.